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Rachel Phillips

Nicci Speirs

Nicci Speirs

Rachel has a huge desire to understand how other people make life work. She finds it difficult to do small talk but loves to have deep, far-reaching conversations with people who aren't afraid to live life their own way. When not blogging and making podcasts, she spends her time avoiding making phone calls and puzzling over the illogical behaviour of neurotypicals. Rachel's day job as a psychotherapist just about funds her book and gadget habit. It's also one of the only jobs where you can get away with asking blunt, personal questions.

Nicci made the mistake of allowing Rachel to write her bio for the website so here goes... Imagine a unicorn living in a fantastical land who is transported to our reality in her sleep and changed into a person. She's not impressed with the inequality and general level of fuckwittery surrounding her but whilst she's here, she tries to do her best to help people. Nicci works as a psychotherapist in the daytime and teaches her two unicorn babies how to be awesome at night. Her sharp wit and enquiring mind shine through in the podcast and in life.

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